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Okay Ladies & Gents, 
It's time to get to know your selves!! No, No, I mean "YOURSELF".  All too often people seem to forget, they are part of the sex equation. It's all well and good to please your partner in the sack, but what about you??  If you don't know what you like and how you like it, how can you expect anybody else to figure it out??? Sex doesn't have to be "kinky" to be mind blowing toe curling, wake the neighbours with the noise kinda sex. 

Being aware of all of your most sensitive nooks and crannies, along with the things that make our toes tingle, it will help you guide your partner to ALL of the right places. As well as help guide you to all of their hott spots!! Taking the time to get to know yourself in all the right places, is not only important for the good of your health, but also the good of your sex life!!! With life as busy as it is, we already have enough forces working against our sex lives. Let's try giving what little there is a fighting chance!!!

Take some time once in a while to explore your own sexuality. Spend a couple of extra minutes in the shower, close your eyes and let your mind wander a little. It will do you a world of good. For both, you men and ladies!!!  Sexuality doesn't have to be a scary thing, it was meant to be a to be a fun thing!! So go ahead enjoy it and yourself!!!


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